The Walking Dead Chapter, Leathernecks Nation MC of Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, is  made up of active, reserve, formerly active and reserve, honorably discharged United States Marines and Navy Corpsman.

The Walking Dead Chapter is named after the United States Marine Corps infantry battalion originally formed during World War I. “The Walking Dead” or “Di Bo Chet” became the “label” of 1/9 after a patrol of 14 Marines from Bravo Company paid a very high price on 12 May 1966. To learn more, visit our “Links” page for the full history lesson!

The Walking Dead Chapter, just like all Leathernecks Nation Chapters are non-territorial – we claim no territory and are not a 1% Club.   We like to ride freely with our brothers and do not seek to violate anyone’s rights and expect the same courtesy in return.

The Members of our Club consist of a very special breed of person. In most Military Services, you can be all that you can be, but the Members of this Club had joined the United States Marine Corps and found themselves being more than ever thought possible. Any single Marine has a very special bond and loyalty to other Marines that even a Marine finds hard to explain, but never finds hard to implement. In fact, it comes quite natural. And when you combine this bond with the love of motorcycling through the beauty of mother nature, in the country we would die for and in those countries of our beloved Allies, you’ve created a breed of person, like no other.

Our Chapter supports Veteran organizations, issues and events. We also support other LNMC Chapters events and fundraisers including Wreaths Across America, Toys for Tots, Walk for the Wounded, the Parkinson’s Walk and many others.